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The Safest, Easiest,
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If you found your way here, I’m willing to bet you are looking for more information about this amazing, effervescent drink. Maybe you first heard about kombucha from a friend or possibly you even saw a bottle sitting in the refrigerator at your local health food store. This unique tasting, fizzy drink has certainly made a few headlines lately. But with the growing popularity and media hype that surrounds it, there are numerous websites and even more claims—often widely unsubstantiated—that tout kombucha as the cure-all for just about everything. This is exactly why I started Karma Cultures.
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As a pharmacist and a kombucha drinker (and brewer), I feel it is necessary to assure people get the truth about this ancient brew from both a medical and a holistic viewpoint. Yes, kombucha is an extremely healthy fermented drink, but some of the claims some websites make are simply unsupported. I, without a doubt, believe in the numerous health benefits drinking kombucha can offer, but I also want to be realistic and only report the facts—good and bad, which I think you deserve.

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Kombucha Tea

This health-promoting beverage has been around for literally thousands of years. Kombucha is a fermented drink made by combining sweetened black or green tea with bacteria and yeast, allowing to ferment for up to 28 days, and results in a wonderfully effervescent beverage. The finished kombucha contains organic acids, probiotics, anti-oxidants, active enzymes, amino acids, polyphenols and B-vitamins.

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