Karma Cultures has set out to make the process of Kombucha so easy and uncomplicated that essentially anyone can brew Kombucha with confidence.

Lea Ann Luchka

When I first started to share my kombucha cultures with friends and family, I found many of them were overwhelmed and even afraid to try brewing kombucha themselves. I think they were worried they might make a mistake and, as a result, their kombucha could be ruined or even unsafe. I also think they were afraid the process would be time-consuming and take a lot more effort than they were willing to put out for homemade kombucha. The risk seemed to outweigh the reward—at least in their minds. While I understood their concerns, I also knew they were not necessarily valid.

So, with these worries in mind, I set out to make the process so easy and uncomplicated that essentially anyone could brew kombucha with confidence. And that is what I did.

Today Karma Cultures offers an all-in-one starter kit that includes not only all of the ingredients you will need to make kombucha but also all the equipment you will need to successfully brew at home with ease.

I think the biggest drawback to people who want home-brewed kombucha is the unknown. Like my family and friends who were unsure about how to successfully make their own kombucha, many people think it will be too hard or complicated. But the truth is, brewing kombucha at home does not have to be a chore.

The Karma Cultures Kombucha Easy Brew Kit is available here. It takes all the guesswork out of home brewing. Now, hundreds of kits and scobies later, we now also offer water kefir and Jun tea scobies. And for those of you who want to know everything there is about kombucha, my new book is just around the corner. For those of you who want the one-on-one, personal instruction experience, I will also be offering an online course shortly.

So, check us out. Be confident, be bold, and happy brewing!

Lea Ann