Valentines Craft: Pink Kombucha SCOBY

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Pink Kombucha SCOBY

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like sending a special gift to your loved ones. To me, making a homemade craft is even more special. Buying a Kombucha Scoby for Valentine’s is a gift that keeps on giving! Brew after brew, your SCOBY can remain viable for years to come with the proper conditions and care so a Karma Cultures Scoby is a wonderful gift to buy someone.

However, the humble, hardworking Scoby is more famous for being compared to a jellyfish or a mushroom, rather than winning beauty pageants… until now! You can give your Scoby a makeover, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

By following our Valentine’s Love Punch Kombucha recipe, you’ll end up with an adorable bonus – a PINK SCOBY!

Kombucha Scoby

The hibiscus in the recipe naturally dyes the cellulose of the Scoby a pretty light pink colour. This makes for a darling presentation when gifting a Scoby to a friend. If you’d like to go one step further, you can cut your Scoby into a fun shape such as a flower or a heart.

Note: Cutting your Scoby into pieces won’t affect its viability. Just be sure to sanitize any tools you use so they are free from contaminants, soap and chlorine.

Also – be sure to include at least 2 cups of starter fluid when gifting a Scoby. The starter fluid will regulate the pH balance of the new batch to ensure its success and the correct balance of yeasts and bacteria get established.

Another handy idea to include for your gift is a cover. A proper cover for your Kombucha allows the Scoby to breathe, but is tight enough that fruit flies or other pests cannot get in and containment your brew.

What’s your favourite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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