Kombucha Tea Recipe

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Basic Karma Cultures Kombucha Easy Brew Recipe – 1 Gallon Jar

  • Yields approximately 3.5 quarts / 3.5L of kombucha.
  • Requires 3 quarts (3 L) of purified (non-chlorinated) water, scissors and a tea kettle.


  1.   Make Your Tea
    • Boil 4 cups (about 1 L) of your purified water and add to your jar.
    • Add 1 Karma Cultures pre-measured tea bag (6 tsp).
    • Steep the mixture for 10 minutes.
    • Remove the tea bag.
  2.   Sweeten Your Tea
    • Stir in one pre-measured packet of Karma Cultures organic cane sugar until dissolved (1 cup).
  3.   Cool Your Tea
    • Add 8 cups of purified water.
    • Let the mixture cool until the thermometer on the jar reads less than 25◦ C (77◦F).
  4.   Add Healthy Bacteria
    • Empty the entire contents of SCOBY bag and the starter fluid into the jar.
  5.   Now Wait!
    • Secure the included cloth cover to your jar with elastic band.
    • Leave the jar undisturbed in an area that is out of direct sunlight, but make sure it is warm and ventilated. Let it stand for 7-10 days. After day 3, you can start tasting the mixture to makes sure it is to your liking.
    • When you feel you have achieved a good balance of sweet and sour (this can take up to 28 days), your kombucha is ready to drink.
    • But before you do, you want to get ready for your next batch. Reserve 1 cup of the brewed kombucha, your original SCOBY and the new SCOBY that has been created through the fermentation process and put into a separate glass jar. This will be the starter kit for your next batch.

That’s it! You now have home-brewed kombucha!

Photo of Kombucha Tea Fermenting

Your new Kombucha Easy Brew Kit comes with:

  • Easy to clean wide mouth 1 Gallon glass jar
  • Adhesive thermometer – that allows you to easily brew at the ideal temperature
  • Karma Cultures pre-measured organic tea bag
  • Karma Cultures pre-measured bag of organic cane sugar
  • Wooden spoon
  • Plastic funnel
  • Plastic strainer
  • Gloves
  • Tasting straw
  • pH test strips
  • China marker – to record notes right on the jar
  • Breathable cloth cover
  • Elastic to hold cloth in place and protect your brew
  • Kombucha Culture Scoby